Developing innovative tools that increase Socet Set productivity          

The growing demand  for up to date mapping products coupled with the increasing availability of high quality commercial imagery amplify the need for solutions that can streamline production cycles without compromising on quality.

Responding to this need and based on extensive experience IIT has developed a range of automated solutions that slash costs and man hours.

The newly released products - ANOP and AGIQA  provide total solutions for Socet Set users that allow full automation of orthophoto generation and triangulation QA.

ANOP for Socet Set-Automatic Next Orthophoto Process

ANOP is a software tool that for the first time enables full automation of orthophoto generation, enabling customers more frequent orthophoto updates.



ANOP Standard intuitive SOCET SET window. Part of the familiar tools menu.


Existing controlled reference serves as a source for automatic control extraction.


Benefits of this innovative technology include:

* From import to orthophoto at the press of the  qbutton.

* Cuts out tedious manual steps such as control qcollection and blunder elimination.

* Automatic block triangulation, with on-the-fly qcorrection.

* Automatic analysis of each step via rigorous qpass/fail criteria.

* Detailed log for effective monitoring of the qautomatic process.

* Compatibility with Socet Set Versions 5.1 & 5.2





Modular ANOP workflow manager allowing a full automated process or a step-by-step procedure.

  Updated accurate orthophoto produced automatically from new imagery.

ANOP's main technical features:                

  • The capability to produce new digital orthos based on previous ones, existing terrain models, oriented stereo models and the use of new imagery.
  • Automatic extraction of GCPs from existing geo-references and/or ortho-rectified imagery using digital correlation and matching techniques.
  • Automatic aerial triangulation for the production of the Bundle Block. Gross errors are automatically eliminated via successive algorithms application.
  • Bundle Block Adjustment (option to include ABGPS and IMU) derives the Exterior Orientation Parameters of each of the new images and orthophoto production follows.
  • Accomodation of several types of imagery through the Multi Sensor Triangulation Module of Socet Set. The process can also be conducted using a semi-automatic approach, especially through the extraction of GCPs.


AGIQA for Socet Set-Automated Geopositioned Image QA

AGIQA is software tool that automatically analyzes the quality and accuracy of a newly geo positioned image, generates a detailed QA-report and enables on line inprovement of unsatisfactory results.

AGIQA's main technical features:

  •  Automated checking and assessing of image geo positioning accuracy compared to referencedata.including  orthophoto.and DTM, controlled imagery and DTM, controlled stereo models.
  • Verification of internal consistency of frame images. AGIQA checks how well adjacent models in a.strip are matched.and how well consecutive strips are matched.
  • AGIQA results include both detailed on a point basis and statistical data. A summary is provided for.quick decision/making regarding successful checks. All check points used by AGIQA can be visited interactively and reviewed by an.operator.
  • User friendly operation for manual improvement of points with low accuracy.


IIT is a BAE Systems international joint venture. Our strength lies in innovative R&D in the fields of image processing, digital photogrammetry  and GIS solutions.