Automatic Geoposition Image QA (AGIQA) for Socet Set

Product description

AGIQA is designed to automate the task of checking and assessing the geoposition accuracy of imagery by comparing it to reference data. The reference data can be any combination which provides 3D reference location such as DTM, orthophoto and DTM, controlled image and DTM, controlled model, etc. Likewise, the checked imagery can be a single image (also multiple images), a model (or multiple models), or block of images. A special operation mode of AGIQA is a check of internal consistency of a block of frame images. In this mode AGIQA checks how well adjacent models in a strip are matched and how well consecutive strips are matched. AGIQA can be used for QA automation in orthophoto production process. In such case it can be applied in a number of production steps, e.g., after block adjustment, at the end of orthophoto generation and after mosaicking. AGIQA can be used for the comparison of imagery from two different sources and in many other situatons when geoposition matching assessment is required. AGIQA outputs its results into a GUI table and a text log. Results include both detailed data on point basis and statistical data such as averages, standard deviations and worst cases. A summary is provided for quick decision whether the check passed. Careful outliers elimination is applied in the rare cases when AGIQA error rather than imagery inaccuracy is suspected. AGIQA runs in Socet Set environment and requires several Socet Set module licenses.