ClearFlite *NEW*

ClearFlite is an Airfield Obstruction Tool (AOT) software product that lets operators identify and collect vertical obstructions in and around airfields using stereo imagery. Geographic information systems and perspective visualization systems can directly use the output from ClearFlite.

As part of the Talisin family of products, ClearFlite is designed to operate with SOCET SETŪ.

  1. Automatically create 3D vector and elevation model of the Obstruction Identification Surface (OIS) over any runway
  2. Creates all FAR-77 OISs
  3. Stereo view of terrain and vertical obstructions around any airfield
  4. Continuously displays elevation and height above OIS
  5. Visual indicator when objects are above or below the OIS
  6. Automatic population of critical attributes
  7. Edit and delete obstruction features
  8. Track inspected areas of the OIS
  9. Automatic cursor tracking on the OIS
  10. Export obstruction features to 3D Shapefile or Arc-Gen formats
  11. Generate a Universal Data Delivery format report of obstructions
  12. Automatic delineation of terrain obstructions